"protect your guitars without hiding them."                                                                                          FREE SHIPPING in USA on all orders.
Guitar Covers, Guitar Stand Covers, Guitar Wall Hanger Covers.
Guitar cover. Double guitar stand.
Guitar cover. Double stand size.
Guitar cover. Triple guitar stand size.
Guitar cover. Triple stand size.
Guitar cover. Wall hanger size.
Guitar cover. Wall hanger size.
Guitar cover. Single stand size.
Guitar cover. Single stand size.

Welcome to See Thru Guitar


Our transparent guitar covers were invented by a guitar lover. "I was frustrated by my beautiful guitars being either dust magnets or hidden from sight in their cases."

We are the first to produce a see-through guitar cover that allows you to keep your guitar on a guitar stand - in full view, yet be protected from dust, spills, scratches and knocks.

Whether on stage, in the studio or in the home, each transparent cover will fit any accoustic, electric or bass guitar on a guitar stand or on a wall hanger. Install it and remove it in seconds.

Our see-thru guitar covers come in several sizes: single guitar stand cover, double guitar stand cover, triple guitar stand cover and guitar wall hanger cover. Each will fit any combination of guitars.

Each See Thru Guitar Cover is a one piece guitar cover with a handle and is made from 100% recyclable clear PVC. We use the highest grade material which is anti-static, fire resistant and offers UV protection.

Thanks for visiting our store - our covers really do work and they are worth the modest investment! Please tell your guitar-lovin' friends!

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